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Hussein Amiri

Graphic & Web Designer | Video Editor

(+44) 20 8133 9978

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Hussein has been using computers for almost 18 years and he has gained an excellent knowledge in all areas of design, computers and the internet. He is a Multimedia developer/designer with many years of experience and very passionate about the industry he is involved with!
One of his major strengths being his adaptability. Hussein is able to jump easily from being a designer, to a coder, to software and hardware technician, to decision maker. This adaptability can also be seen in his design work where he is able handle any task he’s given, be it web, multimedia, motion, branding, or print.
His most recent Full-time position was the UK Media Director for a Christian charity, 222 Ministries International, whose main work is among the Iranian Community.
His responsibilities included overseeing the creative design team, problem solving, budgeting, project managing and delivering projects to deadline. Hussein also managed an international media team across TV production, Web development and Publication in Persian for Iranian Christians, the media ratings grew to over 2 million participants per day during his four years employment.

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